Grow closer to God!

As we endeavour to elevate our lives, business, ministries, careers and people around us, we must do so by putting 1st things 1st.

This Daily Devotional is a great way to usher in the Word and Presence of God into your life and plans, daily.

Download the devotional app using the steps below and join our group on Facebook by clicking here !

In this group, you can share what God is sharing with you during your devotional time. We believe by doing so, we will encourage one another to keep a persistent press after the things of God. This "press" serves as foundation to anything we build.

I look forward to growing and maturing in the things of God, with you!

Step 1 - Register at

APP access code is - VSC 

Step 2 - download app when prompted
Step 3 - sign into app using registered email and password
Step 4 - Begin reading

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