Welcome to October!

As you can see from the picture above... October is going to be powerful for you! I have loaded the month with events and engagements designed to help you grow personally and professionally so that you can have the life and career you desire! Let me give you the details you need to plan for your upcoming growth.

Main Events

October 6th - an online event that will provide you insight on how to decide, discover and determine as it relates to your desired growth. This session will be held via YouTube. Click this link to subscribe today to receive notifications.
October 18th - an online event that will help you bust 3 myths that can delay or cancel your growth. I will identify these myths for you and give you a strategy on how to overcome them. This session will also be held via YouTube
October 27th - You will join me for our first "Dinner & Download" for the month's finale. This is my evening version of a typical "Lunch & Learn". Cute right? During this Dinner & Download we will unpack The law of Pain and The Law of the Rubber band, as discussed in the New York best-selling book by John Maxwell, 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth. As a Maxwell Team Member, I am excited to teach you these invaluable laws, give you language for growth and watch you flourish.
This session will be held via Zoom and requires registration. Click this link to register for this event 


Recurring Engagements

Monday - Women's Bible Study- for women who get results! We have been gathering weekly for months, creating an atmosphere for refreshing and growth. It's time that you to join us. Register at 

WEDNESDAY - Weekly prayer and fasting for our nation. It is my belief that we are capable and able to improve the condition of our nation and the things that cause us pain and discomfort about our nation. You are invited to be the change you want to see. This engagement takes place weekly on YouTube 

Do not procrastinate! Do these things now:
 place these dates in your personal calendar
 subscribe to my YouTube channel
 Register for the Dinner & Download event
I am so excited to provide you tools so that you can #GetBig and take hold of the life and career you desire. Let's get at it!!!

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