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Designed to Enhance Your Caliber, Effectiveness & Success

 To experience a True Transformation is more than obtaining a new skill or new information. 


True Transformation requires a change in how we see ourselves and the world and opportunity around us. Let's say an elevated mindset.  This change in mindset, the inside work, is not a substitute for the skills and information building, it's in addition to. The outer work is an enhanced skilled set.

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Our guided core curriculum offers the following program elements:

  • Program orientation with Delilah

  • Work with Delilah directly on weekly group coaching sessions Zoom

  • Purpose map

  • Values assessment

  • Program worksheets

Executive Mindset Masterclasses:

  • Get clear on purpose and draft personal Purpose Statement 

  • Anchor themselves in their ETHOS and values

  • Be introduced to DISC leadership model and characteristics

  • Identify and learn to leverage core strengths

  • Create capacity building strategy

  • Create daily leadership habits 

Leadership Skillset Masterclasses:

  • Be introduced to key leadership language and characteristics

  • Learn the art of goal creation 

  • Learn to identify barriers and how to transform them into solutions

  • Discover how to transition purpose into a plan

  • Create 30-60-90 day plan with practical steps and timelines

  • Learn prioritization and best way to stay on task

  • Define roles and value of an effective team

  • Clarify Brand and how to protect it

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